If you would like to purchase any of these services, please contact me via email for scheduling and payment. All services can be provided in person or remote.


Spiritual Enhancement Sessions:

$111 – hour

Do you feel a little lost?  Are you unsure of what abilities lie within you?  Then come meet with me.  I am offering one on one sessions to help people understand and know what abilities they have, how to access them and how to harness them.   These sessions will also provide knowledge on protections and learn how to keep their energy within them.

I am offering one on one sessions because everyone I meet and have worked with are all on different spiritual levels.  Within a classroom setting, someone might not be able to ascertain what they need on their level.  

Mediumship Sessions:

One on One Sessions – $88 for 30 minutes

Mediumship Gallery Parties – $50 per person

Inkie the Guided One will connect with her angelic realm along with your loved ones to bring forth special messages.

Spiritual Guidance Readings (Medium/Tarot/Oracle Cards):

One on One Sessions – $70 for 30 minutes $140 for 60 minutes

Reading Parties/Special Events – $25 for 10 minutes per person or $35 for 15 minutes per person

Inkie provides readings using her decks of cards where she connects with her angelic realm, uses her clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient to see, hear and feel your past loved ones to gain insight into the past, present and future.  Basically, her angels speak with your angels, they deliver messages to Inkie and she speaks to you about what is being relayed.

Healing Sessions:

Light Code Healing – $85

Pranic Healing – $85

Level II Reiki – $85

Advanced Angelic Healing – $85

Animal Services:

Animal Intuitive Healing – $50 for 30 minutes

Animal Communication Sessions – $50 for 30 minutes

Animal Kinship Sessions – $50 per session

Inkie is able to connect to your animals/fur babies while they are here on this earth or when they pass away. Inkie through her own personal experience gained insight to how precious it is to speak to her cat before he passed, to know when he crossed the rainbow bridge and to be able to speak to him once he was in spirit form. Since this meant so much to her, she is now offering Animal Kinship Sessions. Inkie can have sessions with your animals while they are on this earth to let you know what is going on or if there is an issue. Inkie will also spend time with your animal prior to passing to let them know they are loved and not alone. She will then stay with them until they pass, relaying to the clients when they have crossed and any messages received after the passing. This service can be done in person or remote as well.

Other Services:

Mediation – $50 for 30 minutes $100 for 60 minutes

Spiritual Advisor – $50 for 30 minutes $100 for 60 minutes

Empath Guidance – $50 for 30 minutes $100 for 60 minutes

*Prices subject to change after consultation*


The services of Inkie The Guided One are not a substitute for physical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. Energy Healing is not intended to replace your doctor or any other health care provider. Inkie The Guided One’s services harmonize with conventional medical treatments.